Satya Pal Malik began defaming Kashmiris in public: Leader of the People’s Conference Sajjad Lone

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Sajjad Lone, a former separatist turned politician and leader of the People’s Conference, has charged that former Jammu and Kashmir governor Satya Pal Malik was the first to publicly defame Kashmiris and assist in the abolition of Article 370 in August 2019. Lone, who belonged to the separatist organization Hurriyat Conference till his father’s murder in early 2000, added that he was “not serious” about his attempt to declare himself eligible to lead a government in 2018 after the BJP stopped supporting Mehbooba Mufti’s PDP.

During an interview with the PTI, Sajjad Lone admitted that he lacked phone numbers but that he had contacted Malik to request a delay in the formation of the cabinet.

Despite referring to Lone as a “blue-eyed boy” from the Center, Malik had stated that the head of the Peoples Conference had aspirations to become chief minister before to the Assembly’s dissolution in 2018 with a mere six MLAs.

Providing insight into the political maneuvering that took place behind closed doors prior to his 2018 dissolution of the Jammu and Kashmir Assembly, Malik stated that Lone told him he had six MLAs but that he “told me if you administer me the oath, I will prove my majority in a week,” an offer that was turned down.

But Lone, who is running against former chief minister Omar Abdullah in the Lok Sabha elections from Baramulla, claimed that Malik’s depiction of what happened in 2018 was overstated.

“To tell the truth, we were missing the numbers. That is a fact. When I called him, I said, “Sir, please wait; I’m in London.” He replied, “I’ll do it,” and inquired as to how long it will take. That concludes it. When he said to send a fax, the fax machine broke down. That concludes it.

“After that, everything was created. He is now discussing how Sajjad was requested to make a claim. I am extremely familiar with Malik.The head of the People’s Conference asked, “Do you really think he had the spine?” referring to a former governor who had been dispatched by a certain administration.

“Who would have the guts to refuse to swear in Sajjad if they did not have the fortitude to refuse Article 370 (revocation) and signed on every dot? Tell me. Lone enquired.

Lone justified his ‘not serious’ attempts to establish a government by claiming he was only experimenting.

“There was no sincere effort made. I was merely experimenting. However, I did receive a lot of calls from MLAs saying, “Let’s get together.” While I was having a great time abroad, I simply didn’t think it was worth it. I simply stayed put,” he uttered.

The leader of the People’s Conference claimed that Malik was the one who initiated the public defamation of Kashmiris.

He destroyed Kashmiris by helping to get Article 370 removed. He was responsible for the initial public defamation and the institutionalized defamation of Kashmiris. Everywhere I go, there are carpets, he would say. Does owning carpets imply elitism? In his hometown, there exist houses, don’t they?” he inquired.

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